Eagleville Hospital Construction Update


W.S. Cumby is currently providing construction services for a 4-building, 121,000 SF behavioral health complex within the Eagleville Hospital Campus. The project contains residences for 88 patients as well as a central activities and service building, including a cafeteria, gymnasium, and treatment facilities. W.S. Cumby provided pre-construction services through a multi-year planning process and is managing the construction phase with an expected completion date of Fall 2021.

The residential buildings feature wood frame construction, including cost-effective partial off-site construction technology. The activities building is predominately steel and masonry construction and will provide the campus with centralized food preparation and dining as well as facilities for patient treatment. The project also includes substantial upgrades to all utility services, including a new stormwater management system, electric service, and sanitary service.

“Building three new residential buildings and one adjunctive therapy building from the ground up has been a group effort that requires a strong project team.  Working directly with the Eagleville Hospital leadership and Ewing Cole Design Team to understand the facility requirements and patients’ needs has been instrumental in the success of the project. Thanks to the dedicated project team, we have overcome obstacles and continue to advance.”

-Bill Leopold, Senior Project Manager

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