Fournier/Clement Hall Gymnasium

Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
Chestnut Hill Gymnasium
Chestnut Hill Gymnasium
Chestnut Hill Gymnasium
Chestnut Hill Lobby
Chestnut Hill Lobby

Project Details

Renovation and Addition

RACP Funded

11,600 SF

Owner: Chestnut Hill College

Architect: Casaccio Architects


Market Sectors


  • Work completed in heart of campus with minimal disruption to on-going operations
  • Major transformation completed around Academic calendar

W.S. Cumby completed the construction for a 11,600 SF renovation and 3,000 SF entrance canopy addition to the existing Fournier/Clement Gymnasium for a brand new fitness center at Chestnut Hill College. The scope of work included a new interior exercise mezzanine, new entrance and renovations of the existing locker rooms and social spaces.




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